Textile Testing Center of Donghua University is a professional laboratory under the Donghua University, which is engaged in testing a variety of fiber materials, yarns, fabric structure and performance. The center has been approved by the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration of metrology certification in March 2002 , and has become a textile professional testing organization to provide fair data to the community. At present, Textile Testing Center of Donghua University provide services for the school teaching and scientific research, in addition, it also provide all kinds of textile testing services for the community.

Textile Testing Center of Donghua University has a team of experienced professional testing technology knowledge, the percentage ofwho has senior titles is above 60%, and also has a number of advanced textile testing equipments.

The main testing tasks of Textile Testing Center of Donghua University are the identification and composition analysis of textile materials, the physical and chemical properties of all kinds of fibers, yarns, fabric and textile products.

Textile Testing Center of Donghua University implements a comprehensive quality management according to the national measurement certification regulations, and also has a set of scientific, standardized quality assurance system to provide a fair, scientific, reliable and accurate testing results. The leaders and all the staff of the center actively contribute to the development of China's textile industry with a scientific attitude and the enthusiasm for serving the people and the society wholeheartedly.


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